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Jamison Advertising Group

Jamison Advertising Group is a results-driven agency that produces memorable and effective branding, marketing and communications through smart strategies and award-winning creative. With four offices nationwide, we embrace the personalities and distinctives of our clients and move their audiences to respond.

  • Design
  • Video
  • Web
  • Photo
  • Copy
  • Design

    At the core of all we do, great design is essential for great marketing. For that reason we are careful and mindful of what we create. Steve Jobs said it best: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Our goal is to tell stories simply, but powerfully, through design.

  • Video

    The JAG film team is both on the road and in studio creating the films and videos that move people to think, to feel and to act. With high-end cameras, sound and editing capabilities, we use superior technology to assist in excellent storytelling that makes marketing both moving and memorable.

  • Web

    JAG has a dedicated team of web development specialists that focus on the ever-complex challenge of creating effective and visually pleasing websites and digital assets that feature intuitive organization and proven engagement models. Both as technicians and artists, we break new ground daily.

  • Photo

    One of the firm’s strengths is photography that is generated from our staff professionals—both in-studio and on-location. This allows JAG to custom-tailor its design direction to create stunning marketing that is distinct from the crowd and leaps off the page or from the screen.

  • Copy

    We firmly believe in the power of words to impress and move markets. The perfect headline, the succinct but incisive text, the well-placed single word all deliver impact. For that reason we see copywriting as a craft that is as significant as any other element.

First Allied

In the financial services world, making a statement within a crowded space is critical. That’s why First Allied pours significant energy and resources into supporting and recognizing their affiliated advisors. Through meetings, conferences and special events, JAG helps them craft and tell the stories of success —utilizing print, video and web—that make each leap from the crowd.

AIG Life & Retirement

The world’s largest American-based company requires unparalleled quality and expert project management to produce a wide range of complex projects to support their sales and marketing efforts. On their behalf, JAG creates and coordinates film, print, web and display assignments on a round-the-clock basis. Our team members help shape the messaging and then deliver it boldly.

The Steakhouse
on Broadway

When an iconic but tired restaurant was in need of a lift, the JAG team suggested embracing its roots and returning to a golden era of meat and martinis. Starting with a total interior makeover, the graphics and marketing reflected a cherished era—including poster-sized prints of Rat Pack members and celebrities who once dined there before hitting the racetrack. The result was as smooth as aged Scotch.

Mainly Mozart
Music Festival

Although embraced by the classical music community, the nation’s largest Mozart Festival was in need of focus, expansion and market differentiation and the resulting JAG branding and advertising campaign delivered exactly that. Creating stunning imagery and bold headlines, we produced sweeping campaigns and mini-films that captured the genius of Amadeus Mozart.


Churches in today’s world are major corporations with significant advertising initiatives. They offer a broad canvas for groundbreaking marketing campaigns that are multi-faceted and often showcase borderless creative. As a leader in the arena of non-profits and outreach organizations, JAG takes their mission and challenges seriously. The results are campaigns that shatter expectations.

Where we are


Located in the San Diego region of Southern California, the JAG Home Offices house the account management, client relations and operations component of Jamison Advertising Group. Project trafficking, billing and accounting are also headquartered in this location which provides meeting and conferencing facilities.


The Great Northwest is the JAG center of Web Development Operations. From there the team creates and manages sophisticated websites and digital assets that are both works of art and functionally advanced. Using industry best practices and technological savvy, we create sites that generate response and reinforce brands.